Sound Dust

Strange and beautiful instruments for your strange and beautiful music

 'Sound Dust makes one of the strongest arguments for the sampler as a true, expressive instrument.  The care, creativity, quirkiness and MUSICALITY found in all their instruments has led to many inspiring moments for me.  Highly recommended'

Trent Reznor - Nine Inch Nails, The Social Network, Gone Girl, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

 'Sound Dust instruments are truly innovative and original. They are what every composer and songwriter needs as a first call for creative inspiration, which gives the ability to bring ideas to fruition in ways that could only be dreamed of previously. I just love them. '

Barry Adamson - Magazine, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, David Lynch, Oliver Stone, Danny Boyle.

 "There comes a point on every production when you've done the basics and now you need something new, interesting, unique and inspiring. So I navigate to my Sound Dust library where time and time again I'm surprised and thrilled by what I find " 

Gary Barlow - yes 'that' Gary Barlow !

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