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    In November 2013 I first met Mikey Rowe. He's a long time user of my sound libraries, a very nice man and the Hammond organ guy. He's played on records and live for everyone from Oasis to Sheryl Crowe to Pink Floyd to Mick Jagger and beyond and he's also been using my libraries on quite a few of these records too !

    We got chatting and he told me about his quest for the "ultimate" Hammond library, something that he could use himself for live work and sessions without having to lug his beautiful but hefty B3 and Leslie cabinet around with him. "Maybe you could do it Pendle ?" he coyly suggested.

    I was a bit wary, there are already a gazillion Hammond emulations and sample sets out there. I had used a Hammond myself, a longtime ago, and loved the burbly sounds it can produce when you fiddle with the draw-bars. But I've never been a Hammond aficionado, I mean, I like Green Onions as much as the next person, but I didn't really see the point of doing yet another organ library .

    That all changed when I stood in a room with a fully cranked B3 and the Leslie turned up LOUD so that you could see the valves glowing and feel the wind from the spinning cabinet.

    There's nothing that can quite describe the visceral quality, and the LIFE that oozes out of these things. In a world that fetishises analog as the real deal, there is no realer deal than the B3, it not only has wires, and circuits and valves, it's got moving parts!

    "OK, lets do it !" I said

    So, after 6 months of recording and re-recording, and editing, and tweaking, and going back to the drawing board, we have finally produced Mikey's "ultimate" Hammond.  He's so pleased with it he's already used beta versions on the new Noel Gallagher and Stereophonics albums.

    There are actually three parts to HamMR ( short for Hammond Mikey Rowe if you hadn't noticed. )

    HamMR+ Which has all nine individually sampled draw-bars plus percussion and a whole host of special Sound Dust features which take it way beyond the usual Hammond capabilities into a realm of its own.

    HamMR Growler is a massively sampled 3gb library of that one amazing sound that blew my head off the first time I heard it.

    ...and the free version HamMR Bass & chords a free 400mb instrument. It's like a funny little home keyboard, but with a truly mighty sound.

    watch this space : )