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  • Plastic Ghost Piano

    What I love about sampling is that you can just make stuff up. There is freedom to invent completely impossible hybrid instruments that could never exist outside the digital realm. They don't have to be cold dead zero's and ones, with a bit of love and effort they can still have a personality of their own.

    I've recently been working in the lab on some new impossible instruments that use various unmentionable techniques (that I will reveal in due course) and the first fruits of my labour is likely to be they Plastic Ghost Piano.

    When I started out I wasn't sure where my experiments would lead,  I was hoping for a trashy, atmospheric, character piano, but there was still a good chance it was going to sound dreadful. Fortunately after a few side-tracks and starting all over agains this thing has taken on a life of its own and become something more than I hoped for.  The name is a little bit misleading now, it still does "plastic" in the sense it is easily shaped and moulded , and it's pretty good at "ghost" for dirty shadowy, halo effects. But it also sounds damn fine in a more obvious piano-y way, and can easily go from epic dramatic underscore to Tom & Jerry via Music for Airports. Who'd have thunk it ?

    Expect release in a month or so.. possibly with a different name and a new GUi, although I kinda like Plastic Ghost Piano.