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  • Cloud Viola - now with more cloud.

    As is often the way, when I think I've finished an instrument I take a step back, have a think, and then realise something is missing and it's not finished at all. It's at around that point I usually go on a long dog walk and come back with a head full of new ideas. Once i've filtered out all the crap, sometimes some of these ideas are actually useful.

    This time I realised I needed more clouds.

    So, I took the original string based recordings and passed them 100% wet through an amazing hardware reverb pedal made by a company that rhymes with Piemon (OK it's a Strymon Big Sky).......and then I did it all over again, like photcopying a photocopy. Now it sounds right, well, as right as a broken viola played by infinate lengths of rough old twine can sound right.

    I also made it blue.

    She will be unleashed very soon.

    ...and here's the dog looking very confused on that fateful walk of discovery.