Evolved Maschine

Oodles of filthy blue bleepy bloopyness.

DSi Evolver sounds for Maschine 2

Based on the sample set of the Modular Chaos Engine #2: Evolved Maschine contains 1284 unique samples which go from full on creamy  analogue to raucous digital FM recorded from Dave Smiths' criminally underrated analog/digital masterpiece the Evolver. I LOVE this underdog synth, mainly because it has so much wonky personality and a wonderful, slightly mad architecture that can produce some really unexpected sounds.

Great for early Human League or Kraftwerkian proto synth pop to dirty, lo-fi EDM and scratchy,  glitchy Aphex Twin madness, Evolved Maschine is a drum machine with a mucky but charming attitude.

Evolved Maschine contains:

1284 x 24bit tagged .wav samples = 990 mb.

26 x drumkits (Groups) with pre programmed sequences.

259 x tagged instruments (Sounds) , including 10 new multisampled synth patches.

10 x projects.


Evolved Maschine for Native Instruments Maschine £20.